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Lobsta Man

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'When the gales of November come calling and the Lurcher Shoal off the South Western coast of Nova Scotia rears its rocky head to claim another ship and drag it to a briney grave, when the sailors huddle together and wonder if anyone knows where the grace of God goes, when the waves turn the minutes to hours, there is little hope but to wish for a quick end.
Legend has it for the lucky few, a beast, half man, half lobster comes with a crack of ligthning and a boom of thunder and guides their ship to safety. Some say his hands are claws, and others say he wears the shell of a giant ancient lobster as armor, but his carapace with its glistening Omega-3 oils shines like a beacon in the storm, and as quick as he appears he is gone, and when he leaves, the only proof he was there, is his shield, a seven ply piece of maple with his likeness emblazoned upon it, he leaves as his calling card.
Lobsterman, is the legend, the myth. What will you believe?'